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more than twenty years of success in Public Safety leadership

Sam Sutherland is a servant leader, skilled communicator, influencer and negotiator with tactical and strategic vision, keen focus and documented success on growth opportunities, driving client satisfaction and building and directing cohesive, high-performance inclusive teams within a variety of leadership capacities across different verticals.

He is an effective motivator/coach with a direct and decisive management style that focuses on matrix teamwork and a clearly defined mission that builds “buy-in” from all stakeholders.

Sam has a demonstrated capacity to identify creative solutions to challenges and build a winning environment that consistently delivers measurable results, surpassing aggressive business goals, and enhance organizational integrity, viability, sustainability, and growth.

Founder of SAMLS & Associates Consulting, Sam Sutherland

Sam Sutherland - Managing Partner

Ty Morrow - Managing Partner

Experienced Law Enforcement Safety/Security Administrator with a demonstrated history of working in small, medium and large organizations.  Demonstrated history in the primary and secondary education industry.  Skilled in Crisis Management, Threat Assessments, Emergency Operation Procedures, Emergency Management, Security Risks, Physical Security Equipment, Safety Audits, Master certified Police Officer for the State of Texas and CEPTED process.  Strong operations professional with a master’s degree in public administration. 

His passion is taking something and making it better, optimizing, improving, and tuning to extract every bit of performance possible. Ty Morrow, lead in areas that have been recognized on the local, county, state, national and international levels. He’s a skilled expert in and have access to the best-in-class security solutions for school districts, multinational organizations, and national government entities, As an accomplished security executive and trusted advisor who builds security protocols.  We create strong collaborative relationships with executives and business operations. 

Ty, breaks down barriers to solve problems, develop vision and strategy by balancing people, processes, and technology, to advocate for risk reduction. Inspires the partnership needed to drive mission-critical organizational safety and security change.  

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