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One Size Does Not Fit All In Selling

One Size Does Not Fit All In Selling

There is the assumption that what was implemented at one company will automatically translate into the model that should be implemented at another.

A lot of business executives I speak with amaze me how little background homework they’ve done when they are hired into a new organization. I had a consultant tell me once that “every hire is a 50/50 crap shoot”. Although I understand what he meant. I believe it boils down to the candidate or executives asking the right question during and before the hiring process.

At a minimum if you’re hired to lead a sales organization and drive incremental revenue there are five key questions to consider:

1. Does the product or service offering have name recognition and brand presence in the market?

2. Is it the type of product that’s considered; “new concept”, “disruptive tech”. Are we selling into an established market that will quickly grasp the product or service differentiation?

3. Do you have a solid prospecting strategy?

4. Does the sales process involve a demo or “try before you buy” model?

5. What is the actual length of the sales cycle?

At the end of the day, it is vitally important that companies realize whichever channel strategy they’re looking to launch their products into that, no one wants to resell your product or service unless he or she can make money at it.

If you’ve not proved you are making money at it, you will have a hard time convincing a top-tier sales person to invest precious time building the channel for a product that you’ve not proven can be sold in the market.

Some companies make the mistake of thinking that if they just hire the top sales-person all their worries will be over. Actually, your troubles will just be beginning.

Have a clear selling strategy in place before you hire him or her to join your team. If you need help on how to build out a winning go to market strategy. Connect with me and I will share with you proven tips that will help you make your number in 2018.

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