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BISD Receives Acclaim for School Safety Protocols at National School Safety Conference

BISD Receives Acclaim for School Safety Protocols at National School Safety Conference

Ty Morrow, the Director of Security and Emergency Management at Brazosport ISD, recently returned from a highly successful presentation at the prestigious National School Safety Conference held in Nevada. The conference, attended by educators, safety experts, and school officials from all across the USA, Canada, The Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Africa, and the United Kingdom, focused on sharing best practices and cutting-edge strategies for ensuring the safety and security of students and staff in educational institutions.

During his compelling address, he delved into Brazosport ISD’s innovative “30 Points of Light” school safety protocols, which drew widespread acclaim from the audience and the conference’s distinguished attendees. After his speech, Ty Morrow received an overwhelming response from the conference attendees, including school officials, safety experts, and educators from across the globe. His concise and passionate delivery of Brazosport ISD’s school safety protocols left a profound impact, resonating with those seeking effective measures to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff. Many attendees expressed gratitude for the insights shared, acknowledging that these robust protocols can serve as a valuable blueprint for other educational institutions striving to enhance their safety measures. Ty Morrow’s willingness to share our comprehensive safety strategies will empower and support school officials in their mission to create secure and nurturing environments for children worldwide.

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The accolades received by Ty Morrow and BISD further reinforce the district’s position as a trailblazer in school safety, not only within Texas but also across the entire United States and internationally. The commitment to fostering a secure and nurturing environment for students and staff remains a top priority for Brazosport ISD.


“We are honored to be recognized for our efforts in ensuring the safety of our educational community,” said BISD Superintendent Danny Massey. “Brazosport ISD remains steadfast in our dedication to implementing the most robust and innovative school safety protocols, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this critical movement.”


Brazosport ISD’s commitment to excellence in school safety inspires other educational institutions to follow suit and prioritize the security of their students and staff. For more information about Brazosport ISD and its outstanding school safety initiatives, visit

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