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Sales As
A Service

Our Sales As A Service (SAAS) allows companies to create and maintain a sales force with a local presence without the significant costs and risks of direct employment. We can work as an extension of your sales organization or we can act solely as your sales force in selected markets and help expand to new geographical regions.

  • Full sales team outsourcing on a permanent basis

  • Part-time sales outsourcing to supplement an existing sales team

  • New business, new campaigns, new segments, product launches.

Channel Plans

SAMLS help businesses build a successful strategy. A strong strategic plan helps you protect and strengthen your position in the marketplace by aligning your team behind one vision. We can help you lay the strategic foundation of your company’s future state and take the first steps toward implementing your strategy.


As your business grows, it becomes more complex. Quality, customer service and sometimes performance suffer as you struggle to manage everything and everyone all the time.

We can design management tools and a communication structure to promote accountability and collaboration. Then we’ll train and coach your team to use them to increase organizational alignment and performance.

Leadership Training
and Assessment

At SAMLS & Associates, we believe that everyone has the potential to be a leader, We help companies build leaders three ways: among their leadership, their organizational team and themselves.

We work with companies that are fostering a culture that allows you to learn, grow and succeed. We challenge you to expand your thinking beyond the technical skills of your job. We prepare you to lead.

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Security Risk Assessment

Identifying and analyzing potential (future) events that may negatively impact individuals, assets, and/or the environment (i.e. hazard analysis).

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Schedule Your Security Risk Assessment & Consultation

Public safety is no longer a luxury in today’s society. It is necessary for the safety and security of staff and students, let alone your organization’s liability.

Contact us to schedule your security risk assessment and consultation. 

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